Welcome to D19 - design furniture for modern living!


“A graceful appearance attracts and naturalness is life in its purest form" - a conviction which determines us and our design for furniture at D19.


We extend the proficiency and diversity of a soloist to you - in the office kitchen, in the kitchen at home and for your office and home interior. This is our aim and a challenge to daily originate D19.


Made of the best materials (stainless steel, the best metal and solid wood), inspired design and certified manufacturers, who live up to our high level of quality and sustainability - we are creating with a system:

kitchen furniture, office interior and furniture for your home


"Let the curtain rise" - the following pages are for you to be inspired: Let D19 and its design for kitchen furniture, counters, office interior and home furniture guide you. We warmly invite you.


D19 - Soloist &  System.